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The eery beauty of a Dublin spring

March 26, 2012

Dublin is eerily beautiful today – hotter than Saudi Arabia, my freesheet told me in the way in to work  this morning. The train passes along the sea between Dalkey and the city centre and once on my way to work a few years ago, I saw a huge basking shark just a few metres from the track. There was a pod of pilot whales near our house a while back, and cavorting dolphins are common. This is a good place, but as I scan the press, that eery feeling is rekindled when I see how many lunatics there are running the world – North Korea announcing to its stunted, starving population that it plans, to launch a – surely they are pulling our leg – a satellite. In this preternatural warmth, a gift of global warming, I cannot help but doubt the world’s leaders’ abilities to organise a decent response to global warming. Unfettered power makes men (they are almost all men) mad – literally – and the only hope for preventing this mental illness that kills millions is to have them constrained by law and constitutional governance. Make these deranged leaders think Milosevic and Charles Taylor and have them fear – maybe that could be me. But first the worlds leading economies – China and the US above all – must sign up to the International Criminal Court. In the unlikely event of that happening, I could perhaps Imageenjoy this madly beautiful Dublin spring without that faint, eery shiver running up and down my spine.

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