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Does Angela Merkel have the balls to save the Euro?

May 7, 2012

The Greek political crisis may bring down the euro. The only solution is for Germany to take the leap and make the EU solvent again through Eurobonds. This demands the sort of ballsy leader like Helmut Kohl – the architect of the Euro – who swopped deutschmarks for east german marks one to one at reunification, a bold and ballsy decision.

Now we have a great Churchillian test for the female de facto leader of Europe. Power triggers testosterone which dulls the fear of risk, focusses the mind on goals and reduces stress. Leaders without enough appetite for power – ie enough testosterone triggered by the challenge – probably make poor leaders in time of crisis. An appetite for power requires testosterone, which motivates women as well as men. Does Angela Merkel have the balls to prevent economic meltdown? Lets all hope so, for all our sakes, in or out of the eurozone.

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