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Obama’s bowed head, averted eyes and blue tie – a disastrous debate for him

October 4, 2012


Yesterday I predicted that Obama would win the debate because of a ‘winner effect’ based on his poll successes and a home field advantage. I was so wrong. 

Three things stood out about Obama’s appearance – bowed head, averted eyes and blue tie. In contrast, Mitt Romney stood erect, challenged with his gaze and dominated in a primitive way with his red tie. All three of these things increase testosterone, increase dopamine and increase aggression, motivation and mental sharpness. They also signals something very primitive – dominance. 

Whoever coached Obama in his demeanor should be sacked immediately. Perhaps he was told to look down while Romney was speaking so as to be presidentially aloof. Instead, he looked like a small boy being berated by a big teacher. Constricted body posture signalled by the bowed head reduces testosterone, decreases aggrression and depletes dopamine which reduces mental sharpness.

The averted eyes also signalled submission to the dominant alpha male Romney. 

And why on earth he was allowed to wear a blue tie is quite beyond me. Surely his handlers knew that Olympic boxers and wrestlers who are allocated a blue shirt are significantly more likely to lose a contest than those given the red shirt? This was the final nail in Obama’s debate coffin. 

All three of these apparently superficial signals allowed Romney to be the alpha male for the night. Because of his boosted testosterone and dopamine, he hardly ever hestitated or mis-spoke, unlike Obama, who was frequently halting in his responses. 

Any remnants of a winner effect that Obama had going into the debate were shredded by the bizarre advice of his handlers. And if Obama ignored advice to behave differently? – That is maybe more worrying. Or perhaps they didn’t rehearse what he would do while Romney was speaking? – Now if so, then his campaign is doomed.

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  1. Ray Egan permalink
    October 4, 2012 5:28 pm

    Ah-ha! Finally we get to the bottom of my lucky red underpants. Keep up the good work Prof. Robertson.

  2. ruairirobertson permalink
    October 5, 2012 9:42 am

    Blue is usually associated with the Democrats and red with the Republicans, hence the reason for the terms red and blue states. A likely reason for the tie colours. He’ll just have to work on his power stance next time around!

  3. October 6, 2012 2:53 pm

    It’s also a fact that Obama has been reading from teleprompters a lot. He can’t do that here so he looks down at his papers to look for something to say.

    I agree, the blue tie is emasculating, makes him look like a steward or something. But tie or no tie, he just doesn’t have balls like Romney. And I’m not saying that because I like Romney, I really don’t.

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