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Chemistry of the winner effect (2 mins approx)

Can Money Be Addictive Like Cocaine (2 mins approx)

 Four steps to unleashing the winner effect (2 mins approx)

Ian interviewed at Wales Public Service Summer School June 2013.

Ian interviewed on Canadian radio 29 September 2013

Ian interviewed on Monocle Weekly (27 minutes into show) about Festival of Curiosity.

Interview at London’s Digital Shoreditch Festival on THE BUSINESS OF POWER May 2013

Ian talks about the Winner Effect ( 4 mins)

Interesting discussion at the great De Balie intellectual hub in Amsterdam. Former Dutch politician talks first hand about how he was affected by power, endorsing what I wrote about power’s effects on the mind in The Winner Effect.

Ian unravels the five mysteries from  The Winner Effect: How Power Affects Your Brain at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.

Interview on Dutch television (in English) on The Winner Effect

Ian talks about finding methods to delay dementia  at IGNITE 3, Dublin Science Gallery

Ian talks to Alchemist Cafe, Dublin about how your brain is plastic and what you can do about it.

Ian and his brother in law Eamon, the world’s best bartenders in action


CBS Pre-2013 Superbowl Feature on The Winner Effect

Spanish Television Programme on The Winner Effect

Spanish Science Programme, interview and illustrations on The Winner Effect

Interview on Dutch television (in English) on The Winner Effect

Huffington Live discussion on male violence in wake of Sandy Hook massacre, 21st December 2012


Newsworks Tonight Philadelphia – the Loser Effect and the Philadelphia Sixers Basketball team.

New Hampshire Public Radio, Election Winners and Losers. November 2014

Leonard Lopate Interview, WNYC New York. 16t October 2012: The Neuroscience of Success and Failure

BBC Radio 4 ‘Fourthought’ Talk ‘The Winner Effect’ 29th August 2012, recorded at Edinburgh Festival

Australian ABC Radio Interview

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